Our Mission

Letter from the CEO

In 2008 ENI has given us the opportunity to manage the operation and maintenance of their platform, we built since that day 13 years of knowledge, a professional team of a couple of hundred committed colleagues.

Our team has provided in a very competitive environment the best offer that our clients each year has appreciated and rewarded with his trust. This trust is our motivation to show to more clients how we can be an asset for their own mission.

We decided in 2014 to structure our department as an independent department in United Kingdom and add all the necessary set-up top go international, we are now ready and eager to build our international portfolio.

Here are the services and values we want to offer to our clients:

  1. 1.A committed team ambitious and creative who will adapt to the clients challenges and take on as much as we can to help our client focus on their own objectives.
  2. 2.A management team curious of all new technologies that could help our employees and client’s safety and productivity. We participate in exhibitions and forums to be aware of new way of looking at challenges on board and bring it as potential solutions to our clients.
  3. 3.Based on our flexible structure, we can mobilise fast in any part of the world, with our Marketing effort around the globe 365 days a year we stay close to our prospects to understand and create tailored solutions.
  4. 4.We have experienced back office teams (administrative, logistics, finance, and engineering) in London, Dubai, Tripoli and United Kingdom, set up to support our operations in the different fields and regions we are targeting.
  5. 5.Our suppliers who through the last 13 years became “allies” are ready to follow us and provide much specialised services with the reassurance that we will assist them and protect both their interest and the interest of the clients before all.
  6. 6.Our experience in what is a sometimes difficult environment gives us the confidence to face future challenges, because we always align our interest to the one of our clients, colleagues and allies.

We hope to show you soon our commitment.